5 Ways To Get Active This Fall

Summer memories are fading away as the leaves start to change, temperatures are forecasted to drop, and fall is on the horizon! There are plenty of ways to incorporate fun autumn activities into your work out routine. Just because you’re exercising, doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting! Check out these 5 ways to get active this fall:

  1. Hike to see the fall foliage.

There are plenty of amazing in trails in New Jersey that offer beautiful views of the fall foliage. Whether it’s an easy or challenging hike, the views are always worth it!

  1. Apple or Pumpkin Picking.

Heading out into an orchard or pumpkin patch can be better for your health than you may think! Getting some exercise by lifting baskets of apples and big pumpkins and walking around a farm with them can give your heart a work out. There are also plenty of healthy pumpkin and apple recipes to make!

5 Ways To Get Active This Fall

  1. Jump in the leaves.

Do your kids love to jump in a leaf pile after you spent all afternoon raking them up? Let them! Raking and yardwork are great for breaking a sweat and your kids are getting active with you by running around and jumping.

  1. Play some football!

It’s football season! You don’t have to just sit and watch from your couch, make time before or after the game to go play a game of your own outside.

  1. Get your holiday shopping in early.

Are you known for planning ahead? When you get your holiday shopping in early, you can take a few laps around the mall and really break a sweat! Your heart will be thankful for the exercise and you’ll be thankful you don’t have to head to the mall during peak shopping times.

Looking for more ways to Move More? Visit heart.org/movemore for tips and advice.

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