Evalyn Is Why.


Evalyn Carella, a 4 year old heart disease survivor *Photo credit--Chet Desai Photography*

Evalyn Carella, a 4 year old heart disease survivor.
*Photo credit–Chet Desai Photography

By Guest Bloggers:  Mia and Fred Carella

Many people ask us why? Why do we support the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association?

The answer is simple: our ‘why’ is Evalyn.

Born with a congenital heart defect, our daughter had already undergone two open heart surgeries, three cardiac catheterizations, a stent placement and countless other tests and procedures by the time she was two years old.Evalyn is Why Blog Post Pic 4

But today, thanks to research and medical advancements, we get to run and play with our beautiful four year old who is getting ready to become a big sister. And we know, had it not been for the work of the American Heart Association, that there is a chance that Evalyn would not be here with us today.

It’s our hope that no other parents experience the devastating news of hearing that their child has a heart issue. That’s why we support the American Heart Association—in an effort to create a world in which all babies are born with perfect hearts.

Evalyn is Why Blog Post Pic 5Our family has participated in the Greater Mercer County Heart Walk for the past three years as a way of honoring and celebrating Evalyn and her bravery as she overcomes her heart disease. As mentioned, Evalyn is preparing to become a big sister and we are excited to share the due date for Evalyn’s baby brother is September 13th; the same day as the Heart Walk!  Depending on his arrival plans, we will be there again celebrating our daughter and everyone else battling heart disease and stroke.  We hope you will join Team Evalyn and take a walk – for your own heart, as well as for all the Heart Heroes like Evalyn who are fighting every day for their own heart health.

Everyone has a ‘why’.

Everyone has a reason to have a healthy heart.

What’s yours?

Fred, Evalyn and Mia Carella *Photo credit--Chet Desai Photography

Fred, Evalyn and Mia Carella *Photo credit–Chet Desai Photography*

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