Fall in Love with Fitness this Fall

Spring healthy habits

Are you excited for Fall?!  Apple picking, flannel shirts, pumpkin spice… everything.  Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside and be active. Just as the leaves begin to change, how about changing up your exercise routine?  New season, new routine.  Don’t let boredom (or any other excuse) get in your way of staying heart-healthy.

Did you know? The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association recommends adults be physically active at least 150 minutes each week.  That’s about 30 minutes, at least 5 days a week.  And kids should be active at least 60 minutes every day.  So how do you fit in all that activity?  Come on!  It’s not that hard.  (Hint: the times can be broken down in to 10- or 15-minute intervals.)

Fall in love with fitness this Fall with these tips:

  1. Get lost in a corn maze.  Check out a local corn maze and have fun getting lost, then trying to find your way out.  You won’t even realize you’re exercising!
  2. Go apple picking. Double health benefits here!  Have a fun time walking through the apple orchards to pick your own fruit… then enjoy your healthy bounty!
  3. Rake leaves. Well you have to do it anyway, right?  So instead of hiring someone else to clean up your yard, do it yourself.
  4. Check out a local hiking trail. With changing leaves and cool, crisp air, it’s the perfect time of year to try a local hiking trail.  Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes!
  5. Bike or walk to school or work. If you have safe paths to school or work, lace up your sneakers and walk or get out the old bike.
  6. Take a walk after dinner. Spend some time with the family and go for a walk after dinner.  Make sure to wear light-colored clothing to be safe when it gets dark.
  7. Try a new class at the gym. If you belong to a gym, try a new class.  Yoga and pilates are great to relieve stress or try aerobics to get your heart rate pumping.
  8. Tune into fitness during TV time. Many TV shows premiere the new seasons in the Fall.  Instead of choosing between TV and exercise, combine the two!  Walk or jog in place during the show or do circuits of sit ups, push ups, squats and lunges.
  9. Work out at work. Some offices now have treadmill desks or under-the-desk bicycles.  If you do, great!  If not, try bringing light hand weights to the office to lift during conference calls.  Or schedule walking meetings.
  10. Start a walking club. Working out with a buddy or group can hold you accountable.  Grab some pals and start a walking club to commit to fitness.  Walk outside while the weather is still nice, and when it gets too cold, head indoors to a local track or even the mall.

Want more great tips for getting active?  Visit www.heart.org/PhysicalActivity.

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