Healthy Summer Mocktails!

What’s better than a drink in your hand on the beach? When that drink is actually good for you and doesn’t contain too much added sugar or ingredients that may not be great for your health! It’s easy to make your own mocktails this summer to stay refreshed and healthy. Check out the recipes below and make a pitcher for your next get together or picnic outing!

  1. Summer limeade For a touch of easy fanciness, add berries or even edible flowers into an ice tray. Top with water and freeze for beautiful ice cubes to use for the limeade. Also note that the lime zest increases the lime flavor; letting it sit for a day before serving pumps up the citrus-ness.

    summer limeade

  2. Raspberry-lemonade slushie – Chill out when the weather’s warm and treat yourself to this frozen drink that’s a blend of seasonal fresh raspberries and fresh lemon juice.

    Raspberry-Lemonade-Slushie Drink

  3. Strawberry-lemonade Italian Ice – This fruit-centric, healthy dessert is a great frozen treat that can be made without the use of an ice cream machine.

    Strawberry Lemonade Italian Ice

  4. Raspberry Basil Iced TeaRefresh with this simple and deliciously fruity tea.

    Raspberry Basil Iced Tea

  5. Bluey SmoothieKeeping the freezer stocked with frozen fruit means a smoothie is never that far out of reach for the morning.

    Bluey Smoothie

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