Help stock healthy pantries at Mastrovito Hyundai

During American Heart Month, Mastrovito Hyundai is collecting healthy food to donate to local food pantries. Frank Mastrovito is chairing America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk in 2023, and is suggesting that people donate healthy food items. Here are some items for a healthy diet:

• Low-sodium or no-salt canned vegetables
• Low-sugar, low-sodium pasta sauce
• Canned fruit packed in 100% juice or water
• Unsweetened applesauce
• Unsweetened dried fruit (such as raisins, not fruit leather or roll ups)
• Shelf-stable milk
• Almond or soymilk
• Whole wheat pasta
• Brown rice
• Low-sodium canned beans or dried beans
• Canned tuna/canned salmon
• 100% fruit spread
• Natural peanut butter or low sugar
• Salsa
• Low-sodium or no-salt canned soups
• Low-sugar cereals, whole grain cereals
• Low-sodium whole wheat tortillas
• Low-sodium, taco shells
• Unsweetened oatmeal
• Dried herbs and spices
• Honey
• Olive oil
• Canned tomato products (low sodium diced/pureed or crushed)
• Non-creamy salad dressings/vinegars
• Frozen vegetables
• Low-sodium chicken/vegetable broth or stock
• Unsalted nuts
Not sure what to purchase? Look for the Heart-Check mark to quickly and
easily spot heart-healthy foods.
Connect with your local American Heart Association staff:
[email protected]
For additional information on healthy eating visit: