NFI, a leading supply chain provider, partners with the American Heart Association in support of saving lives & promoting heart health for its employees

NFI, based in Camden, NJ, has taken the lead on underscoring the importance of health and wellness for its employees. While stress has taken an unprecedented toll on our health during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading supply chain provider, NFI, along with CEO Sid Brown, recognize the value of the health and wellness of the company’s employees.

While playing basketball at just 40 years old, Sid Brown experienced his first of many encounters with heart failure. A piece of plaque had broken off of one of Sid’s arteries and created a significant blockage, causing a major heart attack. From that moment on, Sid’s appreciation for health and the importance of excellent medical care have been driving factors in both his business and personal lives. There is no better example of living your mission than NFI’s recent partnership with the American Heart Association.

NFI’s Driving for Change Award honors employees who have taken considerable steps to help improve their health and overall quality of life. With over 100 submissions for the award, NFI honored two employees whose efforts stood out among the rest. “We are pleased that our employees share my passion for health and wellness and are proud of all of our employees who have made an effort to improve their lives,” says Sid Brown, NFI CEO.

Honored with the Driving for Change Award were Donald Wiseman, Transportation Manager from Lake Ariel, PA, and Albert Yerkes, Shipment Support Center Manager from Mickleton, NJ. They will be Brown’s honored guests for the Philadelphia Heart Ball on April 7 at The Marriott in Philadelphia.

Donald Wiseman and his wife took steps to make healthy changes in November of 2020. Combined, the couple lost 150 pounds by making healthier food choices like eating less processed foods and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables. The couple is now enjoying camping, hiking, and the general outdoors with their children.

Albert Yerkes’ journey began in August 2020, resulting in his 150-pound weight loss.  When Al realized that his young daughter would be on the move and Al would need to keep up – he began a serious diet and exercise regimen. Al credits his daughter for the motivation to change his life.

NFI’s support of the American Heart Association is an extension of the company’s commitment to the health of its employees. NFI CEO Sid Brown serves as the 2022 Chair of the Philadelphia Heart Ball.