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The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.  You’ve heard of us.  All good things.  But what do we really do?  Where do we do what we do?  And who benefits from our mission?

NJHasHeart 003The answers to these questions are relatively simple.  We’re building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

We’re there every time you visit a smoke-free restaurant.  We’re there every time you visit a grocery store and read the food labels as a consumer resource.  We’re there every time a friend, family member, loved one or neighbor receives CPR. We’re there when a stroke victim recognizes the warning signs of stroke, calls 9-1-1, and is transported to an appropriate hospital specializing in stroke treatment and care. We’re there when a woman learns heart disease is her number one health threat and killer and decides to improve her heart health. We’re there every time you travel on a smoke-free airline. We’re there with your kids in safe schools ready to respond to cardiac or other medical emergencies thanks to the Medical Emergency Response Plan for Schools (MERPS). We’re there every time you’re on a golf course, in a shopping mall or an airport that is ready to respondNJHasHeart 007 to cardiac emergencies with defibrillators. We’re there any time you or a family member benefits from
improved healthcare and outcomes at a hospital utilizing one or more of our Get With The Guidelines suite of quality improvement programs. We’re there with you every time you, a loved one or friend has heart surgery, receives an artificial valve, a pacemaker or a cardiac stent. We’re there with you in your life … every day, every place you go.  That’s our promise to you.

So, New Jersey, we hope you start to recognize us in your everyday life.  We’re here at the local level, working every day to improve the heart health in our state.  But if you haven’t seen us around yet, just follow our heart and torch.  We’re travelling around the state to prove that we’re in every county, town, neighborhood and street.  Follow #NJHasHeart on Facebook and Twitter to see where the heart and torch has touched.  Give us a shout out if you recognize your hometown.

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    • Hi Camille, If you are looking for patient education materials, please visit our main website http://www.heart.org. There are a ton of articles and helpful print outs that give information for different conditions, as well as healthy living. Thanks!

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