Southern New England Woman of Impact Winner Announced – Sammi Fagan

We are pleased to announce that Sammi Fagan is the winner of the inaugural Southern New England Woman of Impact campaign. She and her fellow nominees spent 8 weeks raising awareness about women’s heart health, and funds that will make a lasting impact on the health of the Southern New England community. Through Sammi’s efforts, she raised $10,113 and 71,273 total impact points. Her impact points were earned through various efforts, one of which was helping to host CPR trainings at local schools.

Heart disease has had a profound impact on Sammi’s life. Born with a congenital heart defect, Sammi Fagan spent most of her formative years in and out of the hospital. Fortunately, as she grew bigger, her heart got stronger. Now, she’s paying it forward and raising dollars and awareness so other families don’t face the same struggles her family endured. Congrats, Sammi!