West Virginia

    • West Virginia hosts region’s first Community Dialogue on the Teen Vaping Epidemic
      The West Virginia team for the American Heart Association hosted the state’s first Community Dialogue event, focused on the teen vaping epidemic that has hit our nation. The event brought together panelists from the medical and education sectors as well as community members concerned about the dangers of e-cigarettes and our youth. The event was […]
    • Headshot of Bob PepperEastern States Board Working Group on Rural Health assesses need, plans strategic action
      Eastern States Board member Robert Pepper chairs the board’s Working Group on Rural Health, and knows firsthand that inequities in rural communities can be stark. “I’ve seen it, witnessed it through the eyes of those folks who are trying to do the best they can,” said Pepper, Retired SVP and CAO, NGK Sparkplugs U.S.A., Charleston, WV. “When you […]
    • An Amazing Story of Survival – Alicia Petry
      Alicia Petry was a healthy, pregnant 22-year old when she became a member of the “Heart Survivor” club. Never did she imagine she would go into cardiac arrest upon arriving at the hospital. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that when she went in for delivery that she would end up in a 2-month coma and not meet her son until she […]
    • A Look at Heart Disease in Appalachia – West Virginia
      The American Heart Association recently has focused its attention on rural America. The simple fact is that rural areas, in particular the Appalachian region, have higher incidents of heart disease. This is due to many factors, including access to healthy foods, access to health care and other systemic barriers. This video allows you to take a look at […]