Baltimore turns stroke awareness into street art

Even though stroke is the number 2 killer worldwide, 80% of strokes are preventable by knowing the warning signs and getting immediate help.  As more and more people are learning the warning signs, we are seeing and increase in survival rates. 

As the third leading cause of death in Baltimore, our local American Heart Association – Baltimore team developed a unique awareness campaign to educate the community.  Through art education in an urban alley where all graffiti and street art are welcomed, survivors, healthcare providers, and the community were invited to paint, draw and create graffiti art to share the warning signs and symptoms of stroke.  Everyone is invited to come, spray paint, draw, and create art that shares warning signs and symptoms of stroke and share their connection to the third cause of death in Baltimore. 

15 million people in the world will suffer a stroke in a year, but with international spotlight days like World Stroke Day (Oct. 29), we can help change this. By promoting stroke awareness and brain health, as well as funding research to create new guidelines and medications, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association strives to build healthier lives, free of stroke. 

World Stroke Day is just one day we are able to recognize the devastating effects stroke has locally, nationally, and globally; however, we can greatly decrease stoke by looking forward and educating all on its importance year-round.

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