Live Fierce NYC: Month 4

Month 4:  Live Fierce

This fourth month of our Live Fierce NYC Resiliency program is all about hope, optimism, staying calm under pressure and looking toward a brighter future. This journey was designed to help us build skills needed to overcome any challenge. Like a muscle, these skills grow stronger the more we use them.

Week 1: Focus on ResiliencyLive Fierce NYC: Month 4

In these tough times, focus on resilience

Resilience and quality of life go hand in hand for heart defect survivors

Looking for ways to protect against pandemic PTSD

For kids, a pandemic of stress could have long-term consequences

Week 2: Time to Re-Connect Live Fierce NYC: Month 4

Cut off from counseling during the coronavirus pandemic? There are options

Sadness and isolation of pandemic can make coping with grief harder

Take stock of your health with this post-lockdown checklist

How a happy relationship can help your health

Reconnect with Nature

Out and About?

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Getting Back to Life

Week 3: The Power of OptimismLive Fierce NYC: Month 4

Optimism, resilience may guard heart health in Black adults

Optimism reduces stroke severity, inflammation

How to Boost Willpower

Why experts say a good mood can lead to good health

Week 4: Staying Calm Under PressureLive Fierce NYC: Month 4

Tips to Manage Stress and Remain Calm

Coping with feelings

Learn to manage your stress with healthy habits

Working Out to Relieve Stress

Meditation to Boost Health and Well-Being

Can your pet help you be healthier?