Kids Are Sweet Enough-Removing Sugary Drinks from Kids’ Meals

Summer is winding down and kids are heading back to school soon. This means things can get even more hectic with homework, after school sports and more.
With our busy lifestyles, families are eating out more often, sometimes at fast food restaurants where the choices aren’t always the most nutritious. Convenience and getting a quick meal into children before homework or bedtime is usually what goes into making the choice of where to get that dinner.  It’s a reality of life, but there is a way to make that ‘easy choice’ a bit healthier for kids.
The American Heart Association supports policy to ensure that sugary drinks are not included on a “kids meal” menu in restaurants.  When healthy beverages are the default choice, such as low-fat milk and 100% fruit juice, the easy choice becomes the healthy choice when families eat out.
This coming legislative session, You’re The Cure advocates can encourage lawmakers to support children’s health by supporting a policy to remove sugary drinks from restaurant kids meals menus.
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