Move More. Live More.

This April, Healthy For Good is encouraging Americans to Move More. Live More. by being physically active. The National Walking Day celebration has been expanded to a month-long activation. It’s all part of the Healthy For Good movement, which inspires lasting change through small, simple steps in four key areas: Eat smart. Add color. Move more. Be well.

Insufficient physical activity is a key risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. However, most adults, children, and teens living in the UnitedStates do not get the recommended amount of weekly physical activity. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150-minutes of moderate activity each week. But don’t let that number scare you. This can be accomplished by breaking it up into five 30-minute sessions of moderate activity or three 25 minute sessions of vigorous activity, leading to numerous health benefits.

Physical activity improves not only physical wellness, but also mental wellness. A few benefits to physical wellness from physical activity include weight management, high blood pressure prevention, and improved blood cholesterol levels. Physical activity can improve mental wellness by boosting energy levels, relieving stress, and countering anxiety and depression. Physical activity can also reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

With the Move More. Live More. toolkit, each week you will be given resources to move more at work, outdoors, with your family, or anytime, anywhere! Celebrate Move More Month and register for your free toolkit at

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