American Heart Association Supports Car Free Day to Create Heart Healthy Habits in DC

Washington, DC – The American Heart Association has teamed up with Commuter Connections and the American Lung Association to pledge to go car free or car-lite on Friday, September 21, and/or Saturday, September 22, 2018 to celebrate Car Free Day. Car Free Day is an annual event that encourages drivers to leave their cars at home and find more environmentally and health-friendly ways to commute.

Through participation in Car Free Day by bicycling, walking, taking public transportation, or a combination of the above, commuters can get in their daily exercise while helping to improve the air quality in their community.

Executive Director, Soula Antoniou, was quoted in the Commuter Connections’ press release stating, “We are proud to partner with Commuter Connections to support our community, the environment, and create heart healthy habits. Walking or biking during you commute is a great way to get in your 30-minutes of daily exercise to reduce your risk of heart disease.”

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