Data Storytelling: Lessons Learned from Communicating Data Locally

Join leaders in health equity, community health, advocacy, education and government in participating in the American Heart Association’s Northeast Health Equity Consortium’s (NHEC) webinar series. The second webinar in the series is scheduled for July 31, 2019. The series, The Equity Braid: Equity, Data & Capacity Building, examines how to lead with an equity framework using data to inform both internal and external capacity building efforts. All webinars will include time for questions and answers.

The second webinar, Data Storytelling: Lessons Learned from Communicating Data Locally, is scheduled for July 31, 2019 from 2 pm – 3 pm, EST. Participation is free, but registration is limited to 200 participants. People can register for this webinar here.

In order to make persuasive case to audiences you need to reach, data on health outcomes and the social determinants need to be coupled with stories. In this webinar, we’ll review example data stories and discuss what works effectively when communicating data to reach local constituents. The recommendations that will be shared will be practical and easy to adapt to your own work. The webinar will be led by Andy Krackov, whose consultancy, Hillcrest Advisory, is focused on helping social sector organizations communicate data in order to transform facts into impact.

Andy Krackov has served on national and state boards related to public data, speaks at, and moderates, sessions at leading conferences about effective use of data, and has written for multiple publications on the topic. Across his career, he has developed an understanding for how best to harness communication and technology to better deliver valuable information. Most importantly, Krackov has learned to deeply understand audiences and walk in their shoes in order to build information products that can activate an organization’s agenda.

 The NHEC’s mission is to engage organizations and promote change in policy, practices and programs and communicates these changes that improve cardiovascular and stroke-related health outcomes in communities disproportionately impacted by these diseases.

The Consortium was established by the American Heart Association with the generous support of the Aetna Foundation. The Consortium is currently chaired by Chien-Chi Huang, Founder & Executive Director, Asian Women for Health, Boston, MA; and Lenny Lopez, MD, Associate Professor & Chief of Hospital, UCSF School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA; and, Marcus M. McKinney, D.Min., LPC, President, Reimagining Healthcare, Hartford, CT.

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