Greater Washington Region AHA teams up with Whitman-Walker Health to host Healthy Living Workshop

Research suggests that LGBTQ individuals face many health disparities that ultimately lead to a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases. The American Heart Association is excited to work with community organizations to target these populations in need and help all Americans live their healthiest lives.

Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, DC shares the same vision as it offers community-based wellness services to all while specializing in LGBTQ and HIV care.

The Greater Washington Region American Heart Association teamed up with Whitman-Walker Health on Thursday, July 18th, 2019, to give a workshop on how people can live healthier lifestyles and raise awareness of heart health.

The workshop was a targeted effort to reach the LGBTQ community in the Greater Washington Region. Did you know that about 13 percent of LGBT older adults report being denied health care or given poor care because of their sexual or gender identities?* We are working with collaborators like Whitman-Walker Health to change this statistic and fight health disparities.

This workshop informed people on how to improve their lifestyle to be healthier. Hosted in Whitman-Walker Health’s building in Washington, DC, participants were engaged in an informative presentation by Dr. Kofi Essel, a community pediatrician at Children’s Health Center Anacostia and long-time AHA Ambassador. Dr. Essel’s topic of discussion was high blood pressure/ hypertension. He discussed:

  • What is high blood pressure?
  • The causes of high blood pressure.
  • How to check your blood pressure accurately and efficiently.
  • How to prevent high blood pressure
  • How to improve your daily diet and nutrition.

The workshop was a huge success! Participants from all walks of life were engaged throughout the presentation by asking questions and sharing their own personal health experiences.  Health Infographic and education materials were also available for participants to take with them.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Whitman-Walker Health to create a world of longer, healthier lives for all in the Greater Washington community.