Young Professionals assemble to fight heart disease and stroke

The American Heart Association in New York City is pleased to announce that the 2019 Young Professionals Red Ball will take place on Friday, November 15 at Stage 48 in Manhattan. Ticket to this vibrant and bold fundraiser are on sale now.

The YP Red Ball is an annual event hosted by the Association’s Young Professionals group, which over the past 10 years has reached amazing heights and developed into one of the most prestigious young professional groups in New York City. Its goal is to make a difference by increasing awareness and education of cardiovascular diseases and stroke while having fun.

This year’s Red Ball will be co-chaired by Mackenzie Gelber, Michael Rothbaum, and Catarina DiMaggio.

“As a medical student, I chose to get involved with the American Heart Association in order to educate and empower my peers to make healthy lifestyle modifications with the hope that I would never need to see them as my patients in the future,” said Co-Chair Michael Rothbaum, a medical student and aspiring surgeon at New York Medical College.

“Other health nonprofits have done an incredible job raising awareness about cancer in young women, stressing the importance of annual checkups at a young age,” said Co-chair Mackenzie Gelber, who works in Digital Advertising at iHeartMedia. “We need to raise awareness that without preventative care, it is nearly impossible for us to discover heart health issues until it is too late.”

The 2019 YP Red Ball will honor the contributions of volunteers Alexandra Levine, Jennifer Lapidus and Kate Harrington.

“As young leaders in our fields, we have a responsibility to help create positive change in people’s lives by bringing awareness and education on all important health matters,” said Honoree Jennifer Lapidus, a Senior Graphic Designer. “By banding together in fun settings like the YP Red Ball, we have the ability to fund the research that will make an impact and help save lives.”

“The Red Ball is a fantastic platform to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke, educate young professionals on how to live a heart and brain healthy life, build an informed community and bring prevention to the forefront,” says Honoree Alexandra Levine, President at Levine Insurance.

“I want to maintain the best version of myself through a health-minded lifestyle so I can continue to live and enjoy my life to its fullest capacity,” said Honoree Kate Harrington, Managing Director at The Berman Group.

For more information about the YP Red Ball scheduled for Friday, November 15, please visit or contact Brandie Engelberger at