Firsts, friendships, lead to “BetterU” for Hudson Valley woman

Jennifer Langley is a participant in our Hudson Valley BetterU challenge and shares her journey:

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Jennifer at our kick-off event

I have been aware of the Better U program for a few years and have marveled at the women in each class – their determination and inspiration are enviable. Being part of the 2019 class has been a true pleasure. I am enjoying getting to know the wonderful women who are sharing the journey with me. While it should be obvious, there is something comforting in hearing that I am not the only one in the world who: yoyo diets, can’t seem to make time for exercise, is too exhausted to cook some days and on and on. Having like minds to commiserate with helps me realize I am not alone. We all have similar challenges and experience setbacks. What is important is that we collectively get up, dust ourselves off and keep plugging on – with each others’ support.

When I started the program, I knew I would be learning to exercise and eat better and was looking forward to tweaking what I knew on the subjects of fitness and nutrition. But what I had not expected was the level of new information and experiences I would encounter. Its funny how much we think we know, just to find out how much we still have to learn. And I am excited to learn more.

I am particularly excited to have done yoga for the first time. I loved it! I have always wanted to take a class but was too intimidated to try. Now I am thinking about making it part of my routine! I may never have taken the leap if it had not been for Better U and the support of the group.

And I am looking forward to more firsts and friendship as we continue our journey!

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