NH Heart Ball is May 25: CMC Cardiologist to Provide Keynote Address, “Doctor, It’s Been Too Long”

The American Heart Association in New Hampshire is offering a free, digital Heart Ball experience on Tuesday, May 25 from 4-5 pm. The Heart Ball is a celebration of the mission, passion, work, and life-changing and lifesaving achievements of the Association and its remarkable community of volunteer advocates, champions and leaders.

Dr. Jonathan Eddinger, CMC Cardiologist

The program will feature heart-health education with a physician keynote speaker, a heart disease survivor who will share her story, and plenty of inspiration on how people can take charge of their health after a very challenging past year and present.

According to the Association, many people have missed routine exams, annual physical exams and important health screenings over the past year. Delayed checkups, combined with unhealthy habits picked up during the pandemic, are taking a physical and emotional toll on peoples’ well-being.

Golda Black, Heart Failure Survivor

Dr. Jon Eddinger, staff cardiologist with Catholic Medical Center and long-time Association volunteer, will present “Doctor, It’s Been Too Long” as the event’s keynote speaker. “While it’s easy to overlook preventative care while living through a pandemic, primary and specialty doctor visits are an important way to protect your health,” said Eddinger. “This is especially true if you have top risk factors for severe COVID-19 complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity.”

Golda Black will share her story of suffering heart failure at age 30. A mom of three, she will share how doctors underestimated her condition because of her age and discovered that her heart was failing due to a rare genetic mutation. Black will conduct the “Open Your Heart” live appeal during the program.

“For me to keep living, everyone has to do their part – I have to exercise, eat well and stay healthy; my doctor has to provide excellent care; and scientists need to continue their research to develop the next advancement that will give me more time on this earth. This is why the American Heart Association’s research and funding are so critical,” said Black.

Josh Denn, Heart Ball Chair

The Heart Ball Chair is Josh Denn, Managing Director with Northwestern Mutual, and members of the event’s Executive Leadership Team include: Candace Couture Principal, C3 Consulting, LLC; Craig Favara of Northwestern Mutual; and Elizabeth Mullen of Northwestern Mutual.

Event sponsors to date are Cross Insurance, Catholic Medical Center, New Hampshire Magazine and New Hampshire Business Review.

To register for this free event, visit: NHHeartBall.Heart.org.