Help improve stroke care in Massachusetts

More than 2,000 Massachusetts residents die from stroke every year and even more are left with long-term disabilities. In many cases, this could be prevented. They key is ensuring stroke patients get to the right hospital as quickly as possible.

This is not always happening in Massachusetts.

That’s why the American Heart Association is calling on state lawmakers to schedule a vote on legislation (House Bill 2253 and Senate Bill 1477) that would prevent death and disability from stroke. This legislation would ensure stroke patients immediately get the care that could save their lives and prevent disability.

We have created an Improving Stroke Care Advocacy Toolkit that will help you build a campaign to advocate for this issue.

Click here to download our Improving Stroke Care Advocacy Toolkit.

In Massachusetts, first responders are required to take stroke patients to the closest hospital, regardless of the stroke’s severity. Unfortunately, the closest hospital may not be the hospital best equipped to treat them.

This legislation would ensure patients experiencing the most severe cases of stroke are transported to hospitals capable of performing procedures to remove the blood clot causing the stroke, restore blood supply to the brain, and save threatened tissue.

Our toolkit provides an overview of this issue, information about how to schedule a call or meeting with you local lawmaker, a template for writing a letter-to-the-editor or op-ed, and sample social media messaging. Together, with our policy leaders, we can minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and even prevent death.