Manchester: Help Pass a “Complete Streets” Policy for Safer Activity in the City

Are you looking for more ways to be active and get around within Manchester? Would you like to see streets include bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps, so being active is easier?  The good news is that all residents of Manchester have the right to ask their local government to pass a complete streets policy.  Let’s make sure our streets are designed to increase accessibility to schools, shopping, parks, and playgrounds for all residents, improving everyone’s health by making it easier and safer to be active.

We are working with Manchester leaders to make sure there is a policy that will help ensure safety for pedestrians and bikers are included when the city council/ planners add or improve streets. To be successful we need your help!

Complete streets also help support small businesses by increasing foot traffic and customers. Everyday destinations could be accessed without a car or needing to find a parking space. Our community can work to reconnect neighborhoods and make sure under-resourced areas are prioritized with complete streets projects so we can meet the greatest needs of our residents.

Are you ready to help make Manchester become more of a walkable, livable community?  Please click here to join the effort and learn how you can make your voice heard.