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February marks the start of Heart Month and Friday; February 4th is National Wear Red Day. Wearing RED is not just for people, it’s for offices, homes, buildings, bridges, parks, and landmarks too! This year you can help us in the fight against heart disease in women and men by turning our community RED.


Why Go RED?

  • Cardiovascular diseases are the 1 killer of women throughout the United States and right here in Philadelphia
  • Cardiovascular diseases kill one out of every three women, a statistic eight times higher than breast cancer, but many women still do not recognize their risk
  • In 2009, cardiovascular diseases caused the deaths of 386,436 males. Males represent 49.0% of deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

There are many simple and low-cost ways to Go RED:

  • Outline the entire building structure in RED
  • Use RED floodlights to change the building’s surface color
  • Wrap trees in RED strings of lights
  • Light the interior lobby in RED
  • Hang Go RED for Women posters or banners
  • Decorate with RED streamers and RED lights

We would love to have your building’s support and participation in this campaign. If you participate, we can also provide you with educational resources such as heart-healthy guides, exercise posters, nutritional flyers, and other employee wellness resources.

For more information on our 2022 Landmarks Go RED campaign, please feel free to contact me at Theresa.Spencer@heart.org. Please let us know if you plan to participate, and please send us photos of your landmark going RED as well! We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Warmest regards,

Theresa Spencer

Communications Director

Greater Philadelphia and South New Jersey

Cell: (267) 997-3354