Let’s Protect New Moms’ Hearts in Vermont

Do you know the number one killer of new moms is heart disease? We are committed to helping make sure that they are taking care of their heart health. That’s why we’re excited that state legislation to help protect their heart health is starting to move through the Vermont Legislature!

This legislation would expand Medicaid to provide insurance coverage post-delivery to eligible pregnant individuals who qualify under the state’s Medicaid plan, one year after the end of their pregnancy. Growing evidence suggests pregnancy complications are a marker of future health risk, particularly heart disease and stroke, which develops earlier and at higher rates among communities of color and immigrant individuals in the United States. It’s important for individuals to have more than one postpartum doctor’s visit to monitor their health after pregnancy.

This legislation will offer longer Medicaid coverage for care after pregnancy, to help individuals receive the medical care they need to be screened for the development of risk factors like high blood pressure, receive adequate counseling for heart disease and stroke prevention, and more. Ask your lawmakers to support this critical legislation!