Philadelphia Lifestyle Change Award

The American Heart Association and local sponsor NJM Insurance Group want to recognize an individual who has made positive changes to improve his or her quality of life and health and influenced those around him or her to do the same. No change is too small; every accomplishment is significant and should be celebrated!

This award is given to the top individual who has:

1. Made a significant and overall lifestyle change, such as adding physical activity, changing his or her unhealthy eating habits, making time for overall well-being such as the addition of daily meditation, etc.

2. Continued on a journey to heart health by remaining committed to the changes he or she has previously made and continues to act as an inspiration to others.

3. Inspired, motivated, or coached another individual in making a transformation leading to better heart health.

***Note: Nominees must be a non-smoker or have quit smoking for a minimum of 6 months.

Nominations can be submitted by friends, co-workers, relatives, or individually. Winners will be chosen by a selection committee and presented to the winner at a ceremony on an agreed-upon date by NJM Insurance Group and the winner.


Deadline to submit: October 27, 2023