8 Ways to Get Active at Work

By Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, Guest Blogger Have you heard that sitting in the new smoking? Sedentary behavior leads to slower metabolism, reduced muscle mass, and increased weight gain. Not to mention lack of cardiovascular activity leading to increased risk of heart disease. If you feel like your work days run too long and


Heart Survivor Takes Steps to Be Healthy for Good

October 19, 2014, started out just like any other day for me.  I headed to the gym as I did every Sunday at 8am. While working out, all seemed well until I started to feel dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, rapid heartbeat and was sweating profusely. Thankfully, a gym employee noticed I was in distress and called 911. Unaware


American Heart Association – Syracuse welcomes new advisory board members

Three local leaders are joining the American Heart Association’s mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. These volunteers officially joined the American Heart Association’s Syracuse advisory board at the beginning of the month.   Diane Benedetto, CPA – Diane Benedetto has more than 30 years of accounting and operations


How Can Gratitude Help Your Heart?

Do you ever feel that stress is taking over your life? That you’re constantly overwhelmed or anxious about work, home, school, family and your social life? In today’s world, stress and anxiety can come to us from a variety of sources. Traffic during your morning commute, running late for a meeting or getting negative feedback


How To Find a Healthy Balance When Managing Stress

Stress – A constant struggle in my life, as well as many people in our world, especially in terms of trying to lessen it or release it completely from one’s life. Stress is about one of the hardest things for me to conquer, as I find that my mind is the most difficult part of


Move More and Make it Count!

The American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good movement is based on the simple premise that small steps add up to big results. The little things you do today could make a big difference for your health in the future. Healthy for Good is based on four main pillars: move more, eat smart, add color and

hidden Protect your heart in the heat, Virginia

Protect your heart in the heat, Virginia

With a heat advisory in place over Central Virginia this week, the American Heart Association urges you to take precautions to protect your heart.  With temperatures forecast in the upper 90s, and heat index even higher, it’s important to know that extreme heat can be hard on the heart.As the temperature rises, so can your