Go Red for Women NYC Podcast Series by Rose Caiola

All women deserve the opportunity to spend quality time with their families, enjoy a night out with their friends, and fill their days with activities that are meaningful to them. Sadly, cardiovascular diseases and stroke prevent an overwhelming number of women from living a long, healthy life and experiencing these precious moments.

Every 80 seconds, a woman dies of heart disease or stroke. The good news is that about 80% of these deaths are preventable through lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, being active, learning personal health numbers, and managing stress.

In collaboration with NYC Board Member and Go Red For Women Leadership Team Member, Rose Caiola, the American Heart Association will be featuring a podcast series sharing the experiences of NYC women in hopes to shed light on real experiences and to share key takeaways to help YOU advocate for your health!

Season 1

Episode 1 Clarisa Alayeto:

The first podcast features the courageous story of Clarisa Alayeto, Bronx-native and advocate for nutritious eating and exercise. Clarisa’s recent testimony in front of the New York City Council helped the American Heart Association achieve a historic legislative win. Just yesterday, the City Council passed the New York City Healthy Kids’ Meals Bill that will make healthy drinks like water and milk the default beverages on Children’s Menus in 24,000 restaurants across the five boroughs.

Want to go deeper? Take a look at this Q&A with Clarisa and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Episode 2 Annabelle Jimenez:

In this episode Rose speaks with Annabelle Jimenez, a Queens mom who took control of her health and is living a personal health mission to empower her family and friends. Many followers of Go Red NYC will remember Annabelle as the  recipient of the 2018 New York Lifestyle Change Award.

Looking for more lifestyle tips and inspiration? Check out this Q&A with Annabelle and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Episode 3 Megan Mills:

In this episode Rose speaks with Megan Mills, who celebrates her 11th anniversary as a stroke survivor on May 25, 2019. Megan has become one of the American Heart Association’s most reliable and charismatic survivors in New York City and has made it her mission to raise awareness and encourage others to know stroke signs F.A.S.T., understand the symptoms and risk factors. 

Searching for more info on stroke awareness and prevention? Don’t miss this Q&A with Megan and Dr. Shadi Yaghi

Episode 4 Dr. Holly Andersen and Jackie:

In this episode you’ll hear from Dr. Holly Andersen about the importance of and how to do Hands-Only CPR and Jacqueline Acierno, who saved her friend’s live in high school using this technique. 90% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital will not survive – it’s vital that we increase awareness and education on the skill of Hands-Only CPR! YOU can save a life in two easy steps: 1. Call 911. 2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest. For more information about CPR visit cpr.heart.org


Episode 5 Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul:

In this episode you’ll hear from one of the most influential women in New York State – Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. Listen in as the Lieutenant Governor shares about her mother’s experience with cardiovascular disease and her personal role as a caregiver, her thoughts on how women can live a healthy lifestyle, as well as how she deals with stress and obtains work/life balance as a powerful woman in politics.

Season 2

Episode 1 GrowNYC:

In this episode Rose kicks off season 2 of the Go Red NYC Podcast with a conversation featuring Cheryl Huber from GrowNYC and Shanon Morris from the American Heart Association’s Community Impact team. Since December 2019, as part of her support of the American Heart Association, Rose and ReWireMe began sponsoring two GrowNYC farmer’s markets in her home borough, the Bronx.

Episode 2 New York Common Pantry:

In this episode Rose speaks to Ora Kemp, Senior Program Manager of New York Common Pantry. Rose and Ora discuss how COVID-19 has impacted residents living with food insecurity and the people dedicated to increasing access in NYC. Due to social distancing requirements during the coronavirus pandemic, this episode was filmed from the safety of their homes via video conference.

Season 3

Episode 1 Dr. Eugenia Gianos:

In this episode Rose sits down with Dr. Eugenia Gianos of Northwell Health during 2021 Heart Month for a conversation about women and heart disease with a special focus on nutrition. Rose speaks with Dr. Gianos about the ideal heart-healthy diet, the importance of “adding color” to your plate with fruits and vegetables, and how to incorporate healthy eating in your everyday life. Learn how to ditch the junk and give your body the nutrient-dense fuel it needs!

Episode 2 Greg Mihailovich on AHA Advocacy:

In this episode, Rose sits down with Greg Mihailovich, Director of Community Advocacy for the American Heart Association in NYC. Greg speaks with Rose about the current state of the AHA’s advocacy work with a special focus on the issues of food security and nutrition. Greg highlights the importance of local Farmers’ Markets, NYC Health Bucks and SNAP incentive programs, healthy school meals for our youth, and more. To join the NYC You’re the Cure Network visit: www.yourethecure.org/nyc


For additional resources please visit www.heart.org or www.goredforwomen.org

Stay tuned for the next installment of our podcast series coming soon.

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