Heart to Heart: Women Inspiring Women

Welcome to the New York City Heart to Heart: Women Inspiring Women Video Mosaic Project. Women often put everything and everyone else ahead of their own health. And while many thrive as the “super woman”, it is not sustainable in the long run and could be a gateway to chronic stress, serious illness or worse. Research indicates that how a woman feels about her roles at home and at work can affect several factors that influence her heart health.

Women who feel more stressed at their jobs or in their capacity as caregivers, mothers and spouses had greater odds of having high blood pressure, being overweight and not eating a healthy diet. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has added unprecedented stress and new responsibilities to women and families around the globe, pushing women’s personal health further down “the to-do list.”

That’s why the American Heart Association in New York City is teaming up with Board Member Rose Caiola to share an important message with women: You matter! You are good enough! You deserve to take care of your health! Over the next 10 weeks, Rose and the American Heart Association will collaborate with influential women across our area to record a series of inspiring videos and question prompts encouraging women to share their experience. Our goal is to gather these responses to create a mosaic of inspiring, encouraging, and thoughtful messages that woman can share with one another.

Week 1: Finding Our “AHA” Moment:

Now it’s your turn. Take a few minutes to share your response.