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Welcome to The Heart of Innovation, a video series created by the American Heart Association sponsored by Simone Development Companies, and produced by Red Summit Productions. This video series aims to raise awareness about the life-saving research funded and promoted by the American Heart Association. Over the next few months, we are rolling out four videos featuring Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies, and leaders from New York City’s research community, along with prominent physicians and healthcare providers. Watch now to learn how the American Heart Association helps to bring science and innovation to life.

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Episode 1: Stroke Research

Click on each researcher to learn more about their work:

Dixon Yang
Neal Parikh
Alexander Merkler

Additional resources to better identify the stroke warning signs FAST and understand how to prevent a stroke:

Stroke risk
blood pressure and stroke

Episode 2: CPR Research

Click on an image to learn more about each CPR research topic:

Dr. Brown Talaska
Dr. Phillips
Nurse Nicole Morris

Additional resources to learn how to save a life with CPR:

2 steps to save a life
woman doing a CPR on another woman laying down
CPR through history

Episode 3: American Heart Association Funded Researchers

Click on an image to learn more about each researcher:

Anne Schmidt, MD
Air Shecter, PhD
Marina Cerrone, MD

Episode 4: The Heart of Innovation at Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia

Dr. Henry Sun
Dr. DiPalo

Additional resources to learn more about our commitment to research:

research accomplishments logo