Move More at Home

Staying active is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. Not only can it help you feel, think, sleep and live better, it also improves overall quality of life.  And although many of us are currently stuck at home, there are still plenty of ways to stay physically active. Help keep your friends and family moving with tips and ideas to move more at home!

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  • As you juggle work and family while practicing social distancing, be mindful that research shows active parents raise active children. Find ways to make exercise a fun part of your family’s day. Have a dance party, do they hokey pokey, practice spelling and do a squat for every vowel. #MoveMore
  • Finding ways to be more active around the house sets a good example for kids and can help you stay on top of housework. You can combine exercise with other activities, like watching TV, cleaning or cooking. #MoveMore
  • No equipment needed for these at-home circuit workouts. Are you ready to feel the burn? #MoveMore
  • Every April the American Heart Association celebrates Move More Month. Don’t let home hibernation stop you from moving more. Check out these 30 tips and hacks to help keep you moving more at home all month long! #MoveMore

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