Lace Up For Health!


Heart Association urges everyone to take steps toward better health on National Walking Day, April 2 and share on social media

Long Island, New York – We all know our lifestyle has gotten far too sedentary – maybe never more so than in a winter that doesn’t seem to want to loosen its stranglehold on the Northeast. But spring will come, and the American Heart Association is urging everyone to take steps for their health, regardless of the temperature.

Wednesday, April 2 is National Walking Day, and the American Heart Association is urging everyone to push back from their desks, stand up from their chairs, lace up their sneakers, and go for a 30-minute walk. And, since it’s the 21st century, post photos on your social media sites with the hashtag #AHALaceup.

“I’ll be putting on my sneakers with red laces on April 2, and heading out for a walk,” said Long Island Board member Dr. Jean Cacciabaudo, Chief of Cardiology at Southside Hospital. “Thirty minutes of activity will get your blood circulating and clear your brain. Physical activity can also reduce your blood pressure, one of the leading risk factors for a heart attack or stroke.”

High blood pressure is often called the silent killer, because people can have it and not have any symptoms. Untreated high blood pressure can damage the heart and coronary arteries, leading to heart attack, heart failure, stroke, vision loss, and peripheral artery disease, among other things. Blood pressure above 140/90 counts as high blood pressure.

“You can’t control some things, like genetics,” Cacciabaudo said. “But everyone should have an annual checkup and know what their blood pressure is, then make a plan with their doctor to treat it. And of course, eating healthy food and exercising every day will help your overall health, including your blood pressure. Having good blood pressure will also help you manage your weight and manage your stress level. I think this long winter is stressing all of us out, so participating in National Walking Day is a great way to combat that.”

You can sign up to participate in National Walking Day at

Don’t forget to get social and take a photo of yourself enjoying your walk and post it to your social media sites with #AHALaceup.


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