Meet the North Country BetterU Participants: Vickie Hughes


I was born and raised in Camillus, NY.  I moved to Dexter (Pillar Point) in 1995 after our magical day of marriage.  My husband Andy and I have 4 children together, ranging from 11-21.  Our children have always been active in what they love from horses to hockey.  As we gaze through the windows of our home and the beauty that surrounds it, we opened  up the door to more children that needed a safe place to live for a season of time.

I struggled for years with high blood pressure and weight gain which only got worse as the years went on. I have been on several different medications in which many did not lower my pressure.  I survived a stroke and don’t want to relive another.  My father who has had 3 heart attacks and 7 stents continues to thrive today at 81 due to changes he made in his life.

My husband, who is healthy and a runner, serves our country I know there has to be someone at the home front to care for all the wee ones. I knew It was time for a change!!

I saw the clip on 7 News about BetterU program, I said to myself “This is it. It is time.  I need to tear down the walls of this house called my body and relish the light that will pour into the windows through the support of a community. ”

Ok!!  Its time to be fearless, count to 3 and “get-ur-done!”

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