Kim learned the signs of stroke when her children participated in Jump Rope For Heart. So when she couldn’t speak or use her right hand, she knew she needed help right away. Kim called 911 immediately and today she runs Marathons. Here is Kim’s story.

May 26, 2015, I woke up like any other day. I was 3 months out from running theLePetitStudio--10

marathon in Pennsylvania to qualify for The Boston Marathon 2016. My children had

been participating in Jump Rope for Heart for 6 years as a school fundraiser. About 30

minutes after waking up, I felt numbness in my hand and face. I also experienced

dizziness unlike what I had felt before. Within minutes my right leg was heavy and I

couldn’t lift it. I could not grasp my water bottle with my right hand and I had difficulty

speaking. Recognizing the signs of stroke from my kids during Jump Rope for heart, I

called 911 immediately! I was hospitalized for one week and an MRI confirmed that I

had suffered a stroke. The American Heart Association saved my life. I want to spread

the word of the importance of awareness. My story could be very different if I hadn’t

known the symptoms and sought help immediately! Stroke does not discriminate. Any

Kim_bwone at any time can be affected by stroke. Know the signs. I am honored to be part of

Tedys Team Boston Marathon 2016. I cannot wait to raise money in hopes of ending

heart disease and stroke.


A special thank you to Christine Petit of Le Petit Studio for taking photos of the Hoffman Go Red Gallery women.


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