Eat Smart & Add Color in March!

We all know it is important to eat healthy and exercise. But, it’s keeping these habits that you might find challenging. This is why we celebrate and raise awareness about nutrition in the month of March, National Nutrition Month.

Recent CDC data show adults continue to consume too few fruits and vegetables. Overall, 12.2 percent met fruit intake recommendations and 9.3 percent met vegetable intake recommendations in 2015. True nourishment involves making overall healthier eating choices every day. The American Heart Association’s Healthy For Good™ movement is here to help with reliable information, delicious recipes and tips to add more color to your plate and more health to your life. For recipes and other practical information to help you eat smart during National Nutrition Month® and year-round, join Healthy For Good at Adding even one serving of color in the form of fruits or vegetables each day is a great way to start building a healthier body.

Much like fruits and vegetables, salt has a major impact on your heart health, but not in a good way. Eating too much sodium can lead to adverse health effects, such as high blood pressure. Sodium is hiding in foods you wouldn’t expect. The American Heart Association’s Sodium Reduction Initiative (#BreakUpWithSalt) aims to change the way people eat and shop, the way food companies and restaurants make food, and the way policy makers support healthy eating, because you deserve the right to choose how much sodium is in your food. Act to #BreakUpWithSalt during National Nutrition Month® at

So, help us celebrate National Nutrition Month by adding some color and losing some salt in our mission to be heart healthy!


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