American Heart Association NYC Names New Board President

Beth Oliver becomes first nurse to lead the New York City Board of Directors   

New York City, July 9, 2018— The American Heart Association is pleased to announce that Beth Oliver, DNP, Senior Vice President of Cardiac Services for the Mount Sinai Health System, has been appointed President of the Association’s Board of Directors in New York City.

Dr. Beth Oliver, who is the only nurse member of the New York City Board of Directors, will become the first nurse to hold the position of Board President. As a nurse executive, she leads the cardiovascular service line at the Mount Sinai Health System, which is New York City’s largest health system with seven hospitals.  As a clinician, an executive and a nurse, she is deeply committed to the cardiovascular health of populations and to the current and future role of nurses in achieving this goal. Dr. Oliver has a long track record of implementing change to improve cardiovascular health. She is the driving force behind community outreach by Mount Sinai Hospital’s nurses to promote and improve cardiovascular health in New York City.

Because of Dr. Oliver’s dynamic leadership, she has been recognized as a Heart Hero and a Life Saver by the American Heart Association. Dr. Oliver works tirelessly with her team of Mount Sinai nurses to operationalize her vision of promoting cardiovascular health. Her devotion to nursing research, evidence-based practice and quality improvement is evidenced in her day to day leadership that has greatly elevated the Mount Sinai delivery care system, resulting in numerous awards and recognitions.

Dr. Oliver first joined the Association’s New York City Board in 2006; she has served as Chair of the My Heart, My Life Committee since 2013; Co-chaired the 2014 Wall Street Run & Heart Walk; and was the first nurse in New York City to receive the Life Saver Award from the American Heart Association.

“It is a great honor to be chosen as President of the American Heart Association | American Stroke Association‘s Board of Directors in New York City,” said Beth Oliver. “I am passionate about helping the American Heart Association continue to raise awareness about heart health and tackle the health disparities that exist in our city. I thank my fellow volunteers and Board Members for this opportunity.”

“I have witnessed Beth Oliver’s leadership first-hand and I am confident that she will make a remarkable Board President,” said Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Physician-in-Chief at The Mount Sinai Hospital and former President of the AHA. “As a nurse and administrator, Beth has been a pioneer at improving patient care by establishing support groups for cardiac patients, developing comprehensive patient education programs on diet, exercise and social support. She puts her patients first and has dedicated the last three decades to improving New Yorkers’ heart health. She will make a substantial impact as Board President.”

 “I am thrilled to begin working with Beth Oliver in her new capacity as Board President,” said Kathy Kauffmann, Senior Vice President of the American Heart Association in New York City and Long Island. “The American Heart Association celebrates diversity and is proud to elect its first nurse as Board President in New York City. We are very fortunate to have Beth lead this Board as we continue to strengthen our community.”

Philip Stieg, who has served as Board President since 2014 will continue to serve on the NYC Board of Directors as President Emeritus. The New York City board leadership, including Chairman Ed Wise, work in partnership with the Senior Vice President Kathy Kauffman to provide direction to achieve the mission of the Association.

Mount Sinai Heart is the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why New York City sponsor.

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  1. Congratulations Kathy Kauffman, thank you for continuous caring support for the American Heart Association and general public.

  2. Congrats Beth Oliver – thank you for your continuous caring support for cardiovascular diseases and stroke awareness. 🌹

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