Keep Breathing–Week One Recap from Jaime

Blog post today from JAIME BUTLER!

For me, the best parts of week 1 was just pushing myself to make each day count either at the gym or when making choices about my meals, the support of my co-workers/friends/parents for my efforts and the support or feedback from the group via our group Facebook page.  We are cheering each other on and celebrating victories like nobody’s business and it’s so awesome to watch and be a part of.

What I’m struggling with is making up the time I’m taking during the day to try and fit in the gym time at Gold’s/other appointments, not being able to select classes at the times that are actually easiest for me and my schedule because they don’t exist, and pressuring myself to get as many trips in to Golds because that is what is being tracked. Let’s also not forget, comparing myself to others…some days that seems like the hardest one to unlearn.

Working late at night after my children are in bed gets old….real fast.  I know myself, I’m not going to be able to get up and get to a 5:30am class.  It’s hard to leave the office and try one that is mid-late morning  and I’m typically still trying to collect children around those 5:30pm time frame ones.  7-7:30pm is prep time for children to get to bed and the coming day.  It would be fantastic if there were classes between 1-3:30pm because I could possibly step out for my “lunch” or when I leave the office before my road trip to get children begins.  If I get to the gym for a half hour on a day during the week or an hour on the weekend, it seems like such a huge accomplishment but I see posts about 2 hour trips and double classes and I feel like I put myself on an impossible mission at times.

This week my goals are:  keep breathing and taking it one day at a time, make up the time I can in the current week and handle any residual in the following week so I feel less pressured and on this relentless make up time hamster wheel, remind myself that I just need to do what works for me so if that means that I’m not checking in at Gold’s and getting that tracked and using another method for fitness, it’s OKAY!  If I can get a half hour trip in or a class or two over the course of the weekend – That’s enough!  This is me and this is what I can handle and its more than I was doing before.

I’m very much looking forward to my team training this week and the seminar on Friday where I’ll be able to see the whole gang again!  Much love and congratulations to all of you ladies for our first week.

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