Northeast Health Equity Consortium Announces First Webinar Series

The Equity Braid: Equity, Data & Capacity Building

To make persuasive and compelling cases to key stakeholders, health outcomes and social determinants of health data need to be paired with storytelling. Join leaders in health equity, community health, advocacy, education and government in the American Heart Association’s Northeast Health Equity Consortium’s (NHEC) webinar series. The Equity Braid: Equity, Data & Capacity Building will examine how to lead with an equity framework using data to inform both internal and external capacity building efforts. All webinars will include time for Q & A.

Finding the Right Data to Help Address Health Disparities and Issues of Equity in Community
June 13 – 11 AM EST
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Jamie Kleinsorge, MS, Senior Project Coordinator at the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri, will introduce participants to the CARES Engagement Network suite of tools and data. The presentation will include a live demonstration of the CARES mapping and reporting tools with a specific focus on using the tools to address issues related to health and health equity.

Data Storytelling: Lessons Learned from Communicating Data Locally.
July 31 – 2PM EST
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Andy Krackov, Principal, Hillcrest Consultancy, will discuss the importance of coupling health outcomes data with stories and review sample data stories that illustrate what works effectively when communicating data to reach local constituents.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Innovative Uses of Data for Social Transformation
September 26 –

Join Anurag Gupta, MPhil, JD, Founder & CEO of Be More and Aristotle Manan, CEO, bosWell, two of last year’s Innovation Challenge Winners, as they lead a lively discussion of how they are using health equity data to further their work. BE MORE is using mobile technology and data to train healthcare professionals in science-based tools to break the habit of unconscious bias. Utilizing client management software that streamlines workflows and data reporting, bosWell is redefining the “medical home” for low-income Americans by extending it to include community-based organizations (CBOs) such as food pantries, mobile health clinics, resource centers and shelters – the spectrum of touch points serving those in need.

Participation is free, but registration is limited to 200 participants. People can register for the first webinar here

The NHEC’s mission is to engage organizations and promote change in policy, practices and programs and communicates these changes that improve cardiovascular and stroke-related health outcomes in communities disproportionately impacted by these diseases.

The Consortium was established by the American Heart Association with the generous support of the Aetna Foundation. The Consortium is currently chaired by Chien-Chi Huang, Founder & Executive Director, Asian Women for Health, Boston, MA; and Lenny Lopez, MD, Associate Professor & Chief of Hospital, UCSF School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA; and, Marcus M. McKinney, D.Min., LPC, President, Reimagining Care, Hartford, CT.

For more information on the Northeast Health Equity Consortium visit .

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