5 Ways To Make Back To School Season Stress-Free

Summer is winding down and back to school is just around the corner! There are backpacks to be bought, summer reading to be finished, supplies to be stocked, and healthy lunches to plan! Back to school time can be stressful for the whole family, check out these tips to keep your head cool and your heart healthy during this hectic time.

  1. Make a list

When it seems like the tasks are never ending and time is short, make a list and prioritize what really needs to get done before school begins.

  1. Start testing your healthy lunches now

If you’re changing up your bagged lunches this year to include healthier options, do a test run on the kids before school starts! Invite your children to help you make them in order to save time.

  1. Keep up the outdoor activities

Things may be hectic, but allowing children to stay outside and stay active will help them cut down on stress and is good for their health! Join them outside for fresh air to clear your head.

  1. Meditate

Running around all day may leave you exhausted, take 10-20 minutes to yourself and sit quietly, breathing deeply, and thinking of something peaceful.

  1. Get on a sleeping schedule

Summer time often gives way to chaotic schedules and less structure. Get back to a bed time routine early to make the transition easier and to make sure you’re getting rest during this stressful time!

For more tips on staying stress free, please visit www.heart.org/healthyforgood.