An Amazing Story of Survival – Alicia Petry

Alicia Petry was a healthy, pregnant 22-year old when she became a member of the “Heart Survivor” club. Never did she imagine she would go into cardiac arrest upon arriving at the hospital. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that when she went in for delivery that she would end up in a 2-month coma and not meet her son until she awoke. Never did she imagine she would awaken in the Cleveland Clinic instead of Charleston Area Medical Center. And never did she imagine she soon become the recipient of a heart transplant.

And yet all of these things did happen to Alicia. This year she shared her story for the 2020 Charleston Heart Ball. Her “Open Your Heart” portion of the night was incredibly impactful, bringing the entire room to their feet in a standing ovation for her.

Take a look at this powerful, unbelievable story. When you donate to the American Heart Association, you are helping make stories like Alicia’s end on a positive note. You are helping save a life.

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