Massachusetts residents: Ask your lawmakers to prevent death and disability from stroke

The cornavirus crisis has exposed gaps in the treatment of stroke patients in Massachusetts.

The health care system is straining right now. Unfortunately, strokes continue to happen. Stroke kills 2,370 people in Massachusetts per year and leaves many more with long-term disabilities. Stroke victims need the best care possible.

In Massachusetts, first responders are required by law to take stroke victims to the closest hospital. In some cases, this may not be the hospital best equipped to treat them. This can result in long-term disability and even death.

We need state lawmakers to put a system in place that allows first responders to bypass the local hospital when necessary, getting the stroke patient to the best care right away. This will not only save the lives of stroke patients, it will help local emergency rooms work more efficiently.

The bill has moved out of the Joint Committee on Public Health, but we still have work to be done. Will you help us? 

Ask your lawmakers to adopt a stronger stroke system of care.

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