Marie’s Lifestyle Change For the Good

Marie was 56 years old and wouldn’t have said that she was in poor health. “I was a junk food junkie”, Marie confessed, “but never, ever imagined I would have a heart attack”.

In June 2019, Marie lifted the paper shredder basket to empty it when she developed a “knot” in her left scapular region. She thought nothing of it and brushed it away as just pulling a muscle from lifting the basket the wrong way. Before long, the “knot” she had felt started to travel across her left side followed by a cold sweat and lightheadedness. “I just knew at that point that something was wrong. It was a feeling I just can’t describe”.

Fast-forward and Marie was in the hospital with a severe heart attack and needing 3 stents placed in her heart. She began her recovery in cardiac rehab wearing a life vest with an external defibrillator. Marie did everything that was expected to get her heart and health back by attending all of the exercise and education sessions. She also made radical changes in her diet and committed to exercising regularly changing her lifestyle for good.

Over time, Marie’s heart recovered, and she has now doubled her exercise capacity, discontinued the life vest, and resumed her life, and she has changed her lifestyle to become healthier overall. After graduating from the 12-week cardiac rehab program, she started a membership to her local gym, embracing exercise into her everyday life.

As a result, Marie is seeing the results of her lifestyle change as her cholesterol numbers have improved. “My LDL is below 70”, Marie exclaimed. “Since I can’t go to the gym, I’ve ordered a treadmill and I’m ready to continue this new journey for my heart health, but more importantly, for me and those I love”.

On May 2nd, Marie will receive the American Heart Association’s Lifestyle Change Award presented by Griffin Hospital.