Be a stroke champion during May, American Stroke Month

Guest blog by Gina Petrone Mumolie, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President, Hospital Administration, Capital Health and board member for South/Central NJ American Heart Association

Capital Health and the American Heart Association are thinking about you during this challenging time.  We hope you are taking all precautions to keep yourself, loved ones and coworkers safe.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Heart Association has closely followed the guidance from the CDC.  Our top priority is the health and well-being of all individuals and their families today and in the future, in every community, everywhere – including you.  This virus is impacting everyone regardless of race, religion, age and gender.  Tragically, early data show that 40 percent of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had a stroke or heart disease.

May is American Stroke Month and National High Blood Pressure Education Month.  Capital Health and the American Heart Association | American Stroke Association are here to offer help by providing FREE content, messages and resources related to brain health (e.g., stress, resilience, mental health/mindfulness) as well as education and prevention resources for stroke and high blood pressure.

Be a Stroke – Blood Pressure Champion, even in a virtual, stay-at-home setting.  Encourage your audience members to have their blood pressure checked – safely, when the time is right – and know and share the F.A.S.T. warning signs of stroke.  Share the brain health, stroke and blood pressure resources with your audiences.

Capital Health and the American Heart Association | American Stroke Association are committed to empowering you, your loved ones and coworkers to reduce high blood pressure and prevent stroke through knowledge, action and hope.  During May, please take these steps:

  • Share the information and educational resources with employees/students/family/others
  • Encourage your audience members to learn and know their blood pressure numbers
  • Inspire people to become Stroke Champions by knowing and sharing F.A.S.T.

Working together, we can help each other during this challenging time and do something about high blood pressure and stroke.  With your help and support, and by using and sharing the information in this FREE resource BLOG, together we can save many more lives from stroke, as well as control and reduce high blood pressure.

01 – Letter, Brain Health, ASM, HBP Resource Kit

02 – Table of Contents, 2020 ASM-HBP Resource Kit

03 – Take Action- 2020 ASMonth, Natl HBP Month

04 – ASM 2020 Prevention, Messaging ToolkitFINAL

05 – Stroke – FAST Infographic – NEW 04.2019

06 – Stroke, HA I Will Prevent, Secondary Prev 2020

07 – Stroke – AFib Can Happen To Anyone

08 – Stroke – Women Higher Risk for Stroke

09 – Stroke – Control Risk Factors for Brain Health Infographic

10 – Brain – Willpower Up

11 – Brain – Stop Stress In Its Tracks

12 – Brain – Fight Stress With Healthy Habits

13 – Brain – Resilience in the Workplace

14 – Brain – Loving-Kindness Meditation

15 – Brain – 21 Days of Gratitude

16 – Brain – Clean Up Your Sleep Hygiene

17 – BP – LS7 How To Manage Blood Pressure

18 – BP – LTAS, High Blood Pressure and Stroke

19 – BP – ABH, What is High Blood Pressure

20 – BP – Consequences of High Blood Pressure

21 – BP – Blood Pressure Measurements Instructions

22 – BP – Infographic, 7 Tips for Accurate BP Measuring

23 – BP – Infographic, What Can I Do To Improve My BP

24 – BP – ABH, Why Should I Limit Sodium

25 – BP – Guide for Conversation With Your Doctor

26 – BP – ABH, What Is High Blood Pressure Medicine

27 – BP – FREE AHACheckChangeControl BP Program

28 – Other – Online SUPPORT Network (virtual ‘warm blanket’)

29 – Coronavirus – AHA Making an Impact 04.22

Thank you for your commitment to brain health, stroke and blood pressure awareness and education.  Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact the American Stroke Association New Jersey State office by calling (609) 223-3740.