Boston Heart Ball chair honored as one of pharma’s top leaders

Barry Greene, the president of Cambridge biotech company Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and chairman of this year’s Boston Heart and Stroke Ball, is one of 40 leaders to be recognized with the 2020 Red Jacket Award by PharmaVOICE magazine.

Since 2014, PharmaVOICE has recognized inspiring, innovative, collaborative, and transformative individuals in the pharmaceutical industry with this award.

The July/August issue of the magazine features a Q&A with Greene, where he talks about his career and his involvement with the American Heart Association and the Heart and Stroke Ball. To read the full interview, click here. Below is an excerpt.

PV: How are you raising the bar both professionally and personally?

GREENE: On a personal level, I was asked to be the chair of the 2020 Boston Heart and Stroke Ball for the American Heart Association, which brings together many in the medical community to tackle the devastating aspect of heart disease and the disparities between certain communities. And those disparities have grown greater with COVID, so rather than not do our 2020 event, we thought about how the AHA could be even more valuable to the communities to help them deal with the crisis. I’m proud that we doubled the net fundraising from last year through a virtual engagement. We raised more than $1.6 million for programming to tackle disparities of heart disease.

Read our post about what led Greene to become involved as volunteer with the American Heart Association here. Greene will also be co-chairing the 2021 Boston Heart and Stroke Ball with Steve Purpura, the vice chairman of CBRE.