Maine-Based Sea Bags Supports Heart and Brain Health through American Heart Association’s Life Is Why Campaign

Heart Disease Survivor Shelly Afthim

Sea Bags is joining the fight against heart disease and stroke by supporting the American Heart Association – the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all. Sea Bags will provide customers the opportunity to support the American Heart Association’s fundraising campaign, Life Is Why™, by donating 20% of profits from their custom-designed “Heart Bag” to the Association for the month of February.

“As I turn 50 in early February, I’m reminded how lucky I am to be a 15-year survivor of heart failure. I am so proud of Sea Bags designing this special bag that represents women like me who live ever day affected by heart disease or stroke. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of women. My hope is this Heart Bag will resonate not only to survivors but to others who just love their hearts and want to support the work of the American Heart Association” said Shelly Afthim of Sea Bags and a heart survivor who is living with heart failure.

“What an amazing way to support a local business while supporting the American Heart Association throughout New England. This one-of-a-kind Heart Bag is a beautiful and a gift for Valentine’s Day or for anyone affected by heart disease or stroke” said the Association’s Maine’s Go Red Director Katie Rooks. “I am thrilled that a local Maine company is supporting our mission through our Life Is Why Campaign!”

Donations through Life is Why’s participating retailers – no matter the amount – allow the Association to:
• Fund research that can improve the health outcomes of heart and stroke patients;
• Train more than 2.5 million high school students in CPR annually;
• Support the work of local entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve health outcomes in under-resourced communities.

To learn more about the Life Is Why campaign and other participating companies, please visit