Community Health: A priority in Portsmouth, Virginia

Wesley Community Service Center, located in Portsmouth, Virginia, a city in Hampton Roads comprised of approximately 72,820 adults; 38.2% of whom have reported suffering from high blood pressure, serves as a vital resource for individuals within the community.

The American Heart Association Hampton Roads recently implemented their Blood Pressure Screening Initiative, for visitors of the Wesley Community Service Center. The screening program is an inclusive service, and all Wesley Community Service Center staff are trained to assist. There is a total of three, blood pressure cuffs available for use in different sizes to accommodate all individuals.

After requesting to be screened, if high blood pressure is detected, patrons receive a referral to see a primary care physician at the Hampton Roads Community Health Center which is less than a mile away from the Wesley Community Service Center. Hampton Roads Community Health Center, formerly known as Portsmouth Community Health Center, Inc., is a federally qualified health center that provides primary care to an estimated 37,000 medically indigent Portsmouth residents.

“These blood pressure cuffs have allowed the Wesley Center to show the community that we serve, how a simple task can help save lives”, expressed Renyatta Banks, Executive Director of the Wesley Community Service Center.

With a mission to operate programs and services aimed at empowering the powerless and poor in Portsmouth’s Southside communities through Christian based services which improve the quality of life, Wesley Community Service Center has been a continued supporter of the American Heart Association Hampton Roads. An active and former participant of the American Heart Association’s Simple Cooking with Heart program, health, overall wellness and providing access is of high importance to the Wesley Community Service Center. The Wesley Center remains committed to working for minority empowerment and building community across racial, economic, and social barriers as well as acting as an advocate and broker for community services and assistance.