Heart of Greater Washington Leadership and 2023 Heart Ball Date Announced

The American Heart Association (AHA), the world’s leading nonprofit committed to advancing heart and brain health for all, has named Sanjay Sardar and Vishal Tulsian of SAIC as co-chairs of the 2023 Heart of Greater Washington campaign.

Culminating with the Heart Ball celebration on March 4, 2023, the year-round campaign unites individuals and companies across the DC metro area to raise lifesaving funds that fuel innovations in cardiovascular science, advance health equity, and save and improve lives.

Sardar is SAIC’s Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation and IT Modernization and Tulsian currently serves as Senior Vice President of Operations for state/local, healthcare, and federal financial customers, They each bring over 20 years of successful management experience in the areas of finance, digital transformation, and information technology services.

Under the leadership of Tulsian as chair, the 2022 Heart of Greater Washington campaign championed CPR awareness – raising over $1 million in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Sponsor companies also participated in the Association’s annual Serve Day, which was locally sponsored by SAIC, during which their employees learned how to save a life with Hands-Only CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator.

Vishal Tulsian of SAIC

“I am passionate about helping people and want to build on the work of the AHA to educate and inspire the next generation of lifesavers through CPR,” Tulsian said. “Through this campaign, we will save and improve lives, pioneer scientific discovery and advocate for healthy public policies now and for generations to come.”

Guests of last April’s Heart Ball rallied around the CPR theme during the Open Your Heart appeal honoring AHA board member Bryan Buckley and Christopher Holton, Sr. In August of 2021, their lives changed forever when Bryan and a friend were cycling on a trail in Maryland and saw Chris collapse. Taking swift action, they immediately called 911 and administered Hands-Only CPR for 20 minutes before emergency medical services arrived. Because of CPR, Chris survived his cardiac arrest and was able to see his son off to college, cheer on his daughter during her softball games, and join us at the Heart Ball this year. Watch their full story on our YouTube channel.

Sanjay Sardar of SAIC


Sardar served on the 2022 campaign’s Executive Leadership Team and is eager to take on the elevated Co-Chair position for the upcoming year. “It’s an honor to be in a leadership role for the campaign,” Sardar said. “The impact of our supporters and sponsor companies is felt beyond the ballroom as we demonstrate to all, the importance of taking action for your health and the health of others while also being advocates for mental and emotional well-being.”

Planning is underway on the 2023 Heart of Greater Washington campaign as critical needs are identified in the community that are foundational to the AHA’s work and will have a lasting impact. The Greater Washington Region Heart Ball is sponsored by SAIC, the Bender Foundation, and the Kurt Rieschick Memorial Fund. Learn more about the 2023 campaign and get involved, email anita.walker@heart.org or visit dcheartball.heart.org.