Wegmans and the American Heart Association teaming up to save lives through CPR

With nearly 3 out of 4 cardiac arrests outside of the hospital occurring in homes, knowing how to perform CPR is critically important[1]. CPR, especially if performed immediately, could double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival[2].

That is why the American Heart Association, the worldwide leader in resuscitation science and education, and Wegmans are adding lifesavers to the chain of survival by providing Hands-Only CPR education resources in the community. Quick, simple and easy-to-learn, Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be as effective in the first few minutes as conventional CPR for cardiac arrest at home, at work or in public[3].

“For years, we have sponsored hundreds of youth sports programs because of the important role they play in providing positive activities for kids, while also promoting social and personal development, physical and mental health, and their ability to bring communities together,” said Deana Percassi, Wegmans vice president of community engagement and communications.  “Through this collaboration, we’re expanding the support we give to these organizations, not only helping to ensure youth sports remain accessible in our communities, but also providing the knowledge and training to help keep our young athletes safe.”

The American Heart Association and Wegmans will focus on CPR education for youth sports organizations. As a part of the collaboration, 300 CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Training Kits will be placed throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, DC. These training kits are designed for youth coaches to ensure they and their community know the lifesaving skills of CPR, how to use an AED, and how to help during sports related emergencies. Each kit can train approximately 300 people per year.

“Unfortunately, too many sudden cardiac arrest victims, including young athletes, don’t get the help they need,” said Jason Stulb, executive director of the American Heart Association, Rochester. “Knowing how to respond in a cardiac emergency when seconds matter is literally the difference between life and death. Thanks to support from Wegmans, we will be able to help thousands of people involved with youth organizations respond in those crucial first moments after cardiac arrest.”

CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Training Kits will be distributed in every community with a Wegmans store. Recipient organizations will be contacted by an American Heart Association or Wegmans representative.

For more information this program, visit heart.org/WegmansCPR, or visit cpr.heart.org for more on Hands-Only CPR.

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