NYC Celebrates CPR & AED Week: Brookfield, Heart Ball and Founders Day

This week marks what promises to be a memorable one for the American Heart in New York City as we celebrate health awareness, a special event, and an upcoming anniversary. Read more to see what makes this week important and stay tuned as we broadcast content surrounding the many events and tributes to success.

Let’s Celebrate Founders Day and 99th birthday of the American Heart Association

We Celebrate Founders Day 2023!  June 10 commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the American Heart Association, the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Leading up to the Association’s June 2024 centennial, the American Heart Association in New York City is celebrating the organization’s 99 years of work as it looks to build its next century of equitable health for all.

Founded in 1924 by six cardiologists, our organization is grounded in the belief that scientific research leads the way to better treatment, prevention and – ultimately – a cure for these leading causes of death and disability. We’re proud to be the leading nonprofit funding cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease research. Bold investments have led to significant medical advancements including the first artificial heart valve, implantable pacemakers, cholesterol-lowering medications and techniques for CPR.

Learn more about the history and impact of the American Heart Association.

The Association pledges to continue the relentless work to eliminate heart disease and stroke, optimize brain health and ensure equitable health in every community across our city.

For close to 100 years, the American Heart Association has saved and improved lives, pioneered scientific discovery and advocated for healthy public policies in communities across the country. And we’re just getting started!

CPR Week brings the lifesaving Hands-Only CPR to Brookfield sites on NYC June 6th

To continue spreading awareness about the benefits of CPR, The American Heart Association is inviting everyone in the New York City area to attend their CPR community demonstrations taking place this week. Join us at the New York Brookfield Place Waterfront on June 6th to learn how to be the difference for someone else.

With a survival rate of out of hospital cardiac arrests being 12 percent, it is important to take action and learn how to save the lives of others. Hands-Only CPR requires two steps: calling 911 and pushing hard on the center of the chest at a rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute. Should a cardiac arrest occur, performing CPR can help double or triple the victim’s chance of survival.

The CPR events at the Brookfield locations will feature survivors sharing their story, advocates promoting policy changes and volunteers demonstrating Hands-Only CPR throughout the day from 10am – 2pm.

Why CPR:

More than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States each year[3], according to the Association, which is working to increase the number of bystanders who use CPR in an emergency. More than 90% of people who experience a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital will not survive. The Association is the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives for all, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

“Seven in ten Americans say they feel powerless to act in the face of a cardiac emergency,” said Nancy Brown, chief executive officer of the American Heart Association. “We can change that. Each of us has the power in our own hands to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. We simply need to know what to do and have the confidence to act. Through our science, brand and grassroots footprint, the American Heart Association has the capacity and unique capability to develop evidence-based clinical guidance and to lead with instruction and policy change. The moment is now. The momentum is here. Let’s meet it and build a nation of lifesavers.”

This month the Association announced a commitment to double survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest by 2030 by building a Nation of Lifesavers™

Be The Beat Experience

On June 6, 2023, 15 members of Sal Puglisi’s student CPR team from Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) attended the American Heart Association’s Be The Beat CPR event at Brookfield Place and provided CPR and AED demonstrations. Mr. Puglisi is a teacher at Urban Assembly and as a former EMT, understands the importance of CPR training and is spreading awareness by educating those interested in learning how to save a life. When asked about ways in which CPR awareness can be improved, Mr. Puglisi did not hesitate with his answer: educating the masses.

One of Sal’s students, Jordi Almonte, is also a proponent of health equity and education. Jordi recently became one of this year’s 15 students to be accepted into the FEMA Youth Preparedness Council– a committee that encourages students nationwide to develop preparedness projects that are deemed necessary for their specific regions and the rest of the country. Jordi is currently working to create an advocacy project to encourage CPR training and Stop and Bleed kits to be available in all public spaces. Although he understands the barriers that may come with providing health education, due to cardiac arrest being one of the leading causes of death, Jordi believes it is important for everyone to be able to perform the lifesaving skill of CPR in order to be prepared for any circumstance.

*The June 7th CPR/AED demonstration at Manhattan West was canceled due to poor air quality impacted by the forest fires.


2023 New York City Heart & Stroke Ball delivers heartwarming reunion

The 2023 New York City Heart & Stroke Ball takes place on Thursday, June 8th at Cipriani 25 Broadway from 6:30pm – 10:30pm. Through the Heart & Stroke Ball, the Association celebrates our collective success in driving change, funding science and improving behaviors – no matter where, or how, we gather.

This year, we are pleased to present the story of Chris Frey, a heart transplant recipient and winner of the 2022 New York City Leaders of Impact, as he emotionally reunites with Michelle, the mother of the young man whose heart Frey received just a few years ago. This is an emotional reunion for the pair.

Chris Frey is the 2022 New York City Leaders of Impact winner. As winner of that campaign he thanked his family and supporters.

“I want to thank Dr. Anu Lala at Mount Sinai Heart for nominating me, my supporters for their generous donations, and my wife for being the strongest person I’ve ever known.”

In New York City, we are thrilled to welcome Joe Ienuso, Group Senior Vice President, Facilities & Real Estate at NewYork-Presbyterian, who serves at 2023 event Chair. We also recognize the Executive Leadership Team help us achieve our mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

In more than 150 communities across the country, Heart & Stroke Ball supporters unite with a shared purpose to raise the critical funds we need to ensure our work continues. That means taking our efforts beyond the ballroom, working every day to help every heart.

The American Heart Association would like to thank our event supporters!  Live Fierce. Be Well. Sponsor NY-Presbyterian; Legacy Sponsors Compass One Healthcare and Simone Development Companies.