Daily Harvest supports heart and brain health through American Heart Association’s Life Is Why campaign

Shoppers can support the life-saving work of the American Heart Association 

NEW YORK, January 29, 2024 – The American Heart Association in New York City proudly announces Daily Harvest, the company on a mission to make it easy to eat more sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables, as its newest Life is Why supporter. Life Is Why™, is a cause marketing campaign benefitting the American Heart Association that inspires consumers to celebrate their reasons to live healthier, longer lives – by giving.

“We are excited to support the American Heart Association and the important work they do to help more people live longer, healthier lives. Through our support, we’re proud to showcase the power of fruits and vegetables in supporting heart health through our Love Your Heart Collection.“ said Rachel Drori, Founder of Daily Harvest. “Together, we hope to knock down barriers to healthcare access and promote cardiovascular health for all.”

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and what we eat matters. Every meal and snack in the Love Your Heart Collection meets the American Heart Association’s guidelines to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains and eat mostly plant-based proteins. All items contain no added sugar or cholesterol, offer a good source of fiber, have no more than one gram of saturated fat per serving or per 100 grams of food and contain less than 600 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Now through October 31, 2025, Daily Harvest will provide its customers the opportunity to donate in a quick and easy way to support the mission of the American Heart Association through their Love Your Heart Collection. For every Life is Why collection box sold, Daily Harvest will donate $20 to the American Heart Association.

“We are thrilled to have Daily Harvest join us in our fight to eliminate heart disease and stroke,” said Meg Gilmartin, Executive Director and Senior Vice President, American Heart Association, New York City. “This relationship will help us raise awareness of our leading health threat and help enhance our work through education, prevention and research programs designed to make an impact right here where we live, work and play.”

“The support from Daily Harvest marks a powerful opportunity for the American Heart Association to promote heart-healthy living by using the donations from the Love Your Heart Collection  to continue our century long fight against heart disease. Our two organizations aim to inspire individuals to prioritize their cardiovascular health through healthy eating. Together, we are cultivating a culture of wellness and empowering individuals to make heart-smart choices in their daily lives,” said Brian Kingston, CEO of Brookfield’s Real Estate business and Chair of the American Heart Association New York City board of directors.

Donations through the Life is Why campaign – no matter the amount – allow the Association to implement initiatives such as:

  • Fund research that can improve the health outcomes of heart and stroke patients;
  • Train more than 2.5 million high school students in CPR annually;
  • Support the work of local entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve health outcomes in under-resourced communities.

To learn more about the Life is Why campaign and other participating companies, please visit heart.org.