“Healthy Women, Strong Hearts (Mujeres Saludables, Corazones Fuertes)” Event Raises Awareness About Women’s Heart Health in Philadelphia

On March 20, 2024, Main Line Health and the American Heart Association joined forces to host the “Healthy Women, Strong Hearts (Mujeres Saludables, Corazones Fuertes)” event at ACLAMO Family Centers in the Norristown, PA. This collaborative initiative aimed to raise awareness about heart health among Hispanic women, addressing critical issues and providing essential resources for prevention and care.

The event featured an engaging lineup of activities, including hands-only CPR training sessions, blood pressure screenings, energetic Zumba dance sessions, insightful panel discussions led by esteemed experts, and a special appearance and moderation by Shaira Arias from Telemundo 62. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn life-saving techniques, interact with healthcare professionals, and participate in empowering conversations about heart health and wellness.

Maribel Hernandez, MD, a Cardiologist, and Nicole Salva, MD, an OBGYN, from Main Line Health were among the panel of experts who led discussions on various topics related to women’s heart health. Shaira Arias from Telemundo 62 moderated the discussions, guiding participants through insightful conversations.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for women globally, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Within the population of Hispanic women, nearly 43% have cardiovascular disease and almost 41% have high blood pressure.* Despite these staggering statistics, there persists a pervasive misconception that heart disease primarily affects men. “Healthy Women, Strong Hearts (Mujeres Saludables, Corazones Fuertes)” sought to challenge and correct this misconception by spotlighting the unique challenges women face in relation to heart health.

Through a series of interactive sessions and discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of key points, including risk factors, symptoms and diagnosis, prevention and management, and empowerment and advocacy. The event underscored the importance of gender-sensitive approaches to healthcare and the need for inclusive, equitable practices within the medical community.

“We are thrilled with the success of the ‘Healthy Women, Strong Hearts’ event,” said Jennifer Litchman-Green, Sr. Executive Director/Sr. Vice President, Development and Community Health, at the American Heart Association Philadelphia. “It was inspiring to see so many women come together to prioritize their heart health and empower themselves with knowledge and resources. We are grateful for the support of ACLAMO Family Center’s community, our panel of experts from Main Line Health, and everyone who contributed to making this event a success.”

Main Line Health and the American Heart Association are committed to continuing their efforts to raise awareness about women’s heart health and advocate for gender-sensitive approaches to healthcare.

For more information about upcoming events or resources related to heart health, please visit www.heart.org.