Stroke Month Social Media

One in four people worldwide will have a stroke in their lifetime. And yet, 80 percent of strokes may be prevented. You have the power. Make the commitment to prevent stroke with small changes and help spread the word about stroke prevention. Let’s work Together to End Stroke®.

  • Use our suggested messages below to educate and empower others on the benefits of protecting and improving brain function, managing risk factors like high blood pressure and knowing how to spot the warning signs of stroke.
  • Share our Stroke Month website complete with powerful tools and resources to help educate your community: 
  • Download our stroke prevention activation toolkit:

Suggested Messaging: 

  • These are challenging times, especially for stroke and heart attack survivors, regardless of age. But it’s still vitally important you reduce your chances of having another event.  I will_________ to help reduce my risk of stroke. What will you do for your brain health? #StrokeMonth

  • Even as COVID-19 cases strain emergency medicine, it is still important to know the stroke warning signs and call 9-1-1 right away. Emergency medical responders can assess symptoms, begin treatment in the ambulance, and transport you to the most appropriate hospital. Make sure everyone in your home can act F.A.S.T. #StrokeMonth

  • 😔 news: Every 40 seconds in the US, someone has a stroke or heart attack.  😎 news: you CAN lower your risk, even while sheltering in place. #StrokeMonth

  • Up to 80% of strokes and heart attacks may be prevented. Managing your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol are key. #StrokeMonth

Suggested Graphics: 

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